This blog is successfully closed.

I am sorry. Haven’t been around on this blog for a while, though it’s mine. But exciting things happened over the last months or so. To make a long story short: From the beginning of September I will start as a WKsider at Wieden+Kennedy in London. It’s great and I’m excited as hell. It did cost a lot of money to fly to interview and a lot of work on another blog, but it was worth every goddamn penny and second. So the last thing I can say to anyone who might read this: If you have a thing you really, really want to become real, then go for it. With all your heart, blood, sweat and tears. Don’t be afraid to fail. You might get hurt, your might bite the dust mouth open wide, you might fall on your butt…but in the end it may be worth it. And if not, at least you have tried and learned a thing or two. Or as the lovely people at WK put it in one of their presentation-slides:

What’s left to say is a hand full of huge thanks. To some people who supported me a lot. You know who you are. Furthermore I have two big and special thank you. The first one is for my lovely girlfriend. Because she kept the dream alive, though it means that our love will be a distance one for quite some time. And the second one is for Marcus who had more than one ear for my questions, kicked my ass when I needed it, helped with his musical genius and his brilliant critic.

Now thanks for your interest and if you would like to be updated about what I am doing and what it’s like at Wieden+Kennedy, I will be happy to see you again on my main blog: “I am Seb”.


The silence and the appointment.

Please excuse the deathly silence on this blog for so long. There was no definitely news and a lot of work to do. But after Neil’s post on the blog of Wieden+Kennedy some days passed by and then an appointment at Wieden+Kennedy in London was made. HOORAY! For the end of July. Enough time to polish the portfolio and stuff. Hope they are nice. YAY! Anyway I will definitely keep everyone updated on this blog, who’s interested. And if you would like to meet me in London for a pint, coffee, chat or to show the picture of your last holiday, just give me a shout. I will be there for some days and would be happy to meet some nice people. So Seb is comeing to London. Sorry for the visual pun by the way.

Scare’s welcome to optimism.

The nice people at Wieden+Kennedy London, in person of Neil Christie, have written a post about the painting. Brilliant. There are some nice comments on it, some critical stuff and an interesting and quite supporting rant by Mr Campbell. Thanks, Rob (and everybody else who wrote something. Supporting or critizising.). Though I have to say, that maybe there is some misunderstanding in the aim of the painting. It was not supposed to scare Wieden+Kennedy. It was more some kind of personal journey. Because I was scared to do this thing and finally did some piece of work I like and what I think has some kind of meaning and message. Maybe not only to me. I was scared but I have turned it into something good and meaningful. That’s why scare is what you make of it. And that’s why it’s not supposed to scare somebody. It’s supposed to leave a “you’re so right. love it.”. Nothing more, nothing less. Though it is supposed to open one or two doors as well. Preferably the one to the office of Kim and Tony, ha (Neil said the picture is standing around somewhere there now).

Though while checking pros and cons about what I did, I have to say that it’s maybe a bit too complicated to get at first glance. You have to check this website to understand everything (start at the bottom, that should help as well). And busy people don’t have the time. Though if you’re interested have a look. On all the important thinks are linked (my two blogs, my pieces of work, my email). And you can see the post on Wieden+Kennedy London’s nicely written blog by clicking on the picture below. And if you have some minutes take a look and the other interesting things they write. Or maybe tell them to hire the charming and nice bloke who is writing this blog.


Should be love.

Hm. Still waiting for an life sign from the lovely folks at Wieden+Kennedy. So in the meantime I was doodling around on the internet and found the website of Doc Love. What does he predicts about a relationship between me and Wieden+Kennedy? Well, read on, folks.

Together in scare.

Nina will go to London in July. She quit the agency to see what will happen to her in London. Unfortunately she did not only leave the agency but Seb as well. So Seb will try his best to make it to Wieden+Kennedy and London as well. Because Nina and Seb are a team. Jobwise and friendwise. They are creatives and they like each other. So maybe you will like them as well. Or some of the ideas they have. Just give them a nudge and see.

Nina & Seb

Say hello to Nina.
Or say hello to Seb.

Why did I do this stuff?

Some days ago somebody asked me why I did this painting and what’s behind this “scare is what you make of it”. Well, to me it seemed to be obvious. But obviously it’s not. So I will explain a bit.
For a long, long time my biggest wish was to work for Wieden+Kennedy. Because I like their work. And they seem to be a very special family that is honest and true to themselves and the people they work with. I like that. Anyway I was scared to apply there. Because I am never satisfied with myself and the work and stuff I am doing and therefore thought I am not good enough to work with them. But some day I wrote a post about all this (you can see it at the bottom) on my other blog woweewow. Some nice people said some nice things (thanks Marcus, Paul, Dan, Waldemar, Lauren, Charles, Will, Doug, Tait and Rob). Only one person said something different. To make it short, he said: Scare us. This person was Neil. He’s the leader of the WK-pack in London. Only one sentence, but he managed to scare the hell out of me. After a long week of thinking on how to overcome my own scare to scare them, a talk to Marcus made everything easy for me. Because there was a thought growing in my mind, that all the things you are scared of are only what you make of them. This little sentence seemed to make everything easier for me. I stopped to be scared of applying at Wieden+Kennedy and just tried it. I stopped taking care of my status quo and my comfort zone and just left it. And it made me believe in the stuff I am doing.
And that’s why the “scare is what you make of it” is the idea behind the painting. Because it’s a very true sentence. It helped me to just try to make dreams come true. And it made me believe that impossible is possible if you only try.

Handle with scare.

After a lot of rumbling with DHL finally a friendly man from UPS picked up the painting today. Took me some arguments and stuff. It’s quite difficult to get a painting from Hamburg to London. Never thought that. But UPS was able and so the friendly guy took the thing with him. Hope he will be careful with it. They told me that they usually don’t ship unique paintings. But as long as this is not a Picasso or Van Gogh it seems to be okay for them. Goodbye, scare.

And here is what he took with him, again: